About Art2Hire

We are a boutique firm with over 12 years of experience building genuine relationships to enhance the sourcing, recruiting, and hiring processes. SKJHDAKSHDAS;DLJASLK;D

We work hand in hand with our clients to develop, drive, and deliver customized growth plans, processes, and recruitment strategies that enable our clients to build their products with the right team at the right price. We believe in building with less and crafting strategic, cost-effective solutions to recruitment and hiring. We currently partner with some of the world’s leading companies and startups to help them develop emerging technologies and build exciting and innovative products.

Our Specialties


We live and breathe recruiting. We help teams find and hire highly specialized talent, keeping their development on schedule and under budget.


Do you ever wish you could pick candidates to interview from a list of qualified candidates? Do you only have enough available time for interviewing candidates and making a decision? We can help! Our vast network of highly skilled candidates makes sourcing talent for your projects a quick, painless process.

Opening an Office Abroad

We specialize in getting R&D centers up and running in Ukraine, allowing companies to grow quickly and cost-effectively without sacrificing quality. We’ve helped hundreds of companies supplement their workforces with top tier talent from Ukraine at a fraction of the price of a US hire, saving them millions in development costs by rethinking their approach to international expansion.

We support you through all stages of your growth, be it adding resources to tackle new projects, managing hiring for a new r&d center, growing your team globally, or various other growth initiatives. Partnering with Art2Hire provides you a cost-effective, scalable, quick way to hire the talent you need.

Meet our core team

Tatiana Melikova
Tania Kopach
Tetiana Bodruhina
Tanya Melikova
Pavel Fomin
VP of Business Development
Accounting Consultant
Irina Marinich
Lesya Leshchenko
Alla Aleksandrovska

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Customer Testimonials

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The client was very pleased with the results of the project. Art2Hire did a good job identifying the right candidates for the job and ensuring they aligned on company values. The team established KPIs for each position, outlining priorities and deadlines ahead of time.
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The company was able to hire 10 people from Art2Hire's program. The team was very concerned with the quality of the candidate rather than just completing the cycle with a hire. All the promised tasks were completed on time.
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The volume of leads and the speed at which the client received them was impressive. Art2Hire is organized and easy to work with, making them a great partner.
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Thanks to the efforts of the Art2Hire team, the company has been able to complete all of the projects they receive from clients. The company was most impressed by the team's professionalism and attention to detail throughout the duration of their partnership.