Mental Health

Author: admin
Date: 11.01.21

Surprisingly, work helps to maintain our mental health: it increases productivity, gives self-realization, and allows us to find new social connections. However, professional activities can also lead to depression, stress, and anxiety. Here are some tips on how to help your mental health at work.

👩‍💻Priority is psychological well-being
Be open about problems, help colleagues who need help, and refer to management for mental health programs.

👨‍💻Less stress in the workplace
Get rid of stress completely, but you can minimize it. Regulate the load, avoid overwork, maintain a respectful atmosphere in the team.

🧘‍♀Give yourself time
Everyone needs free time, leisure time, which helps to distract from work problems. Remember to take time for yourself and your needs.

What ways do you use to maintain mental health?