Привет We believe in building with less and
crafting strategic, cost-effective solutions
to recruitment and hiring

Specialized Teams Art2Hire has a unique team-based recruitment
model. Each open job is supported by the team
of client manager and a group of recruiters
who focus solely on your specific technology
and market.
Lighting Fast Hires We fill jobs quickly and strategically, saving
you time searching and finding you the right
hire when you need it.
Top Quality Talent We use a mix of expertise, proven tactics,
and the newest innovations in AI to identify,
scout, and source world-class, highly
qualified talent.
Invested in your success We believe in building genuine relationships to
enhance the sourcing, recruiting, and hiring
process. We align with your goals so that every
hire is the right hire, guaranteed.

Our Services

RecruitingRecruitment is an art, not a numbers game. It’s a
human-driven business that demands skills, technique, passion,
personalization, and a critical eye, not a formula. This is why we focus
on quality over quantity. To recruit and hire the best employees, not
only do you need a skilled team, you have to look in the right places.
We help you build a workforce that aligns with your goals and
company culture.

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SourcingOur sourcing services let your recruiters stay focused on what
they do best....recruiting!

We use a combination of technology, data, and world-class techniques
to identify prospective candidates that match your target candidate
profile and get them to you within days, not weeks.

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Opening an OfficeDo you ever wonder if opening an office abroad and
hiring more engineers could be cheaper than your current solution? Our
clients know it is! We’ve saved some of them over $500,000 a year in
R&D costs. Our turnkey office service includes everything you need to
immediately start running your business in Ukraine, that way you can
stay focused on your more strategic initiatives.

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AdministrativeIt is not glamorous, but good accounting and
human resources processes are critical for any business to
succeed. We can help with managing your accounting
processes, creating and coordinating HR processes, and
enacting strategies that support your business goals.

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Customer Testimonials

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The client was very pleased with the results of the project. Art2Hire did a good job identifying the right candidates for the job and ensuring they aligned on company values. The team established KPIs for each position, outlining priorities and deadlines ahead of time.
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The company was able to hire 10 people from Art2Hire's program. The team was very concerned with the quality of the candidate rather than just completing the cycle with a hire. All the promised tasks were completed on time.
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The volume of leads and the speed at which the client received them was impressive. Art2Hire is organized and easy to work with, making them a great partner.
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Thanks to the efforts of the Art2Hire team, the company has been able to complete all of the projects they receive from clients. The company was most impressed by the team's professionalism and attention to detail throughout the duration of their partnership.

Case Studies We’ve helped hundreds of companies revamp their processes. Be the next one!